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I am a Fishing Boat Captain.

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This is the name of a 40-foot, custom fishing boat in Destin, FL. Yet, it also describes Preston Muller's journey. Born and raised in western Florida, he never intended to leave. But he did have a dream, and it's one shared by many. The Freeport, FL resident wanted to start a business. Specifically, he wanted to pursue his true passion, carving out his own niche in the fishing industry. His goal was to pass the joy of saltwater fishing on to others.

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June 21, 2022

Tips on Time Management for Business – Preston Muller

According to Preston Muller, distractions such as emails, texts, and notifications can be distracting. As the owner of a business, your time is valuable and you should not give every task equal attention. Make a list of priorities and spend more time on the most important tasks. Ensure that you get the input of your […]

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